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August 2018

I just want to sleep.

so much awake

It's the falling asleep bit that I can't do. Once I'm asleep I tend to stay that way but getting there takes hours under the best of circumstances. Heatwaves are not good for me. I can't sleep when I'm hot and I can't sleep without at least one shoulder covered which makes me hotter. Fans cool me down but then the noise keeps me up. Open windows don't work unless the curtains are open too and then the moon (curse you moon!) is too bright. I'm not having a great time.


Catch Up

The dragonfly pattern was finished for the end of July. In the end I knitted three bodies and two sets of wings before getting to the final version. The bodies kept getting smaller which helped make the whole thing look less cartoony. The real breakthrough came when I decided to knit the head in three parts rather than suggesting ins and outs with colour. Once I noticed the first two versions looked like they were wearing clone trooper masks I couldn't unsee it and had to redesign the head completely.

the incredible shrinking dragonfly

Overall I'm very happy. If I had to knit it again I might change the shape of the wings slightly but not the technique itself.

dragonfly at an angle

It's the second bug I've made that involved a wire frame. I'm planning on doing a child safe ladybird at some point but I've also enjoyed the transparent wings so much that I'd like to do a fuzzy bumblebee with the same technique.