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May 2017

OK, let's just pretend April never happened.

everything is gross

On the heals of my computer breaking I had the worst cold/sore throat ever, which gave me the worst earache ever, which gave me a ruptured eardrum. This was deeply unpleasant, 0/10, do not recommend. Happily, I'm on the mend now.


Almost Famous

Hey, my geode pattern is internet famous by proxy!

geode tweet


The Glorious 25th of May

After a bit more working out and a brief interlude in knitted wisteria design I came up with a concrete plan for my lacy lilac.

pencil design

Knitting up went pretty quickly. The only major change I made to the design was turning it inside out. Although you can't see it well in this picture the flowers are unstuffed, and the green is visible through the mesh all the way to the tip of the flower.

knitted lilacs

I hoped to have a whole bunch ready to celebrate but we'll have to make do with two.


Lilac Designs

Time for some more highly technical MS Paint designs.

Lilac blooms are an oval shape made up of smaller, four petal flowers. I don't want to knit hundreds of individual flowers and sew them together, so the options I'm considering are (a) stuffed stocking stitch shape with a scattering of single flowers (b) bobbles knitted all over the stuffed fabric or (c) unstuffed lace fabric with square holes.

paint designs for lilac blooms

If you remember my on-again off-again attempts to make a functional knitted bag, you'll know I've worked out a square holed filet lace I'm quite proud of. That's going to be the first method I try. The question is will the bloom hold its shape sufficiently well without being stuffed? I think bobble design would also look pretty good but it would take a lot more knitting so we'll keep it as a backup.


Talking about Computers...

My new laptop has arrived! She is very shiny and quick. I've installed most of the programmes I need, though I'm still having to use an old version of photoshop elements on a PC I borrowed from the office. On the upside though, I managed to salvage all my files from the old machine. I bought a £2.50 thingy from the internet that let me plug in my old hard-drive and access it via USB. Take that deeply apathetic man from PC World who told me recovery would be both unlikely and expensive.

Later this month I'm 100% planning to knit a lilac bloom to coincide with The Glorious 25th of May. Luckily there are a lot lilac bushes in flower already so I've got real life examples to knit from.

I've also been sketching up some rough designs for a knitted cowry shell, though that will likely be a June pattern. I'm feeling very drawn to shells at the moment because both people who shouted me a coffee mentioned liking the beach themed patterns. Thanks to you both!