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November 2017

My parents house has a field at the end of the path. Late in the year the sun moves round so there are spectacular views of the sky at sunset, with these very specific trees outlined against the horizon.

november skies

But not anymore! They've just started building 105 houses on the field and the view is changed forever. Welcome to November the month of 'no' lets pretend that's not happening.


Knit! Knit! Knit!

Zero knitting happened today, but I did get enough other stuff done that my weekend is free to put in some good hours. Current progress on the jumper:

star wars jumper this week

Next time I'm knitting a top down jumper so if I run out of time I can still wear it as a fetching cropped number.

I've uploaded my new chart design page. Spent a very nice morning writing it up in a Coffee Shop. Treated myself to Blackforest Hot Chocolate and a Bacon Sandwich for Breakfast. Don't judge, it's practically Christmas.


Charts, Charts, Charts

Sorry for the radio silence guys but I've been speed knitting a Christmas jumper. I only realised I really, really wanted to knit one a couple of weeks ago, and unfortunately I really, really wanted to knit it for our work Christmas jumper day which also happens to fall on STAR WARS RELESE DAY. Well, the day before, but I'm at the midnight showing. Two weeks to go.

It's going to be themed.

Here's my progress this time last week.

star wars jumper last week

It's only the second-ish jumper I've ever made so I've been panicking a bit. Also I'm doing it in a super complicated design in double knitting. So yeah, no idea if it will get done. I'm probably about half way through. I'll add a more up to date photo tomorrow when I have better light.

Also tomorrow I'm uploading a write up of how I chart colour patterns in lieu of an actual pattern. I've been asked a couple of times for tips on chart design and since I'm not good at concise hints I decided to add something to the design section.