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July 2017

I've made popcorn hundreds of times. It's not like I don't know how to make popcorn, OK.

the popcorn goes wrong

So I set the microwave on fire. Not completely on fire, just, you know, the insides. Point is I'm trying to flap smoke out the windows on a perfectly still summers day and it's not the relaxed good time I was planning on this Saturday afternoon. Add it to my list of little things that should not have been able to go this wrong.


Last Month's Pattern

I'm almost ready to upload last month's pattern, I just need to do the last bits of sewing, the photography, and possibly a techniques page. I hit a slight delay because I knitted the zipped pouch out of second hand wool. It came out a bit crinkly so I needed to block the knitting. I never usually bother so it's put me a bit behind schedule.

The pouch was still drying this morning when it was given a charming, yet pungent, "on fire" smell by my popcorn related adventures. I may decide to rinse it and start again because it's something I'm actually planning on using.