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Zipped Pouch (R3)

Zipped Pouch with Whale Shark Design

Sometimes I knit things just for me. I needed a neat little pouch for my bag, I knitted one, I'm sharing. This pouch is made using the double knitting technique so the inside is neat and free from long threads that could catch on the contents. It has a whale shark inspired design (perfect for shark week supplies!) but of course you can chart whatever design you want.

A printable version of this pattern is available.

You will need:

  • dark grey, light grey and white yarn (4ply)
  • white 10cm zip
  • white cotton thread
  • 4 x double ended knitting needles (3mm)
  • needles
  • scissors


(A list of abbreviations is available.)

Starting at the zip edge of the pouch cast on 48 sts loosely in white and join into the round.

  1. Round 1: kfb x 48 (96)

Position the dark grey yarn at the back of the work. From this point on we switch to the double knitting technique which uses two colours per row. Usually the set up row would have been done with both yarns but only white was used here for a neater edge.

  1. Rounds 2 to 33: as chart

Work through the chart from bottom to top. In the double knitting technique each grid cell is two stitches so a single knitted round is eight repeats of the pattern.

Whale Shark Chart

Note that while most rows of the chart are knitted using dark grey and white yarns, two rows of the chart switch to light grey and white instead.

After all rows of the chart have been completed cut the white yarn and continue using the dark grey yarn only.

  1. Round 34: ssk x 48 (48)

Cast off all stitches.

Making Up:

Sew in the loose ends. If you intend to block the knitting do so now before attaching the zip.

Attach the zip to the white, cast on edge using white cotton thread.

Close the bottom of the zipped pouch by sewing the two halves of the grey, cast off edge together.



This pouch was designed to be 10cm across. A single repeat of the double knitting chart (below) should be 2.5cm across at the correct tension. For a simpler life, knit the pouch first and buy a zip to fit rather than worrying too much about tension at the start.