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a zip attached to knitting

Ugh sewing. Attaching woven fabrics to knitted ones is always that little bit trickier than sewing knitted pieces together (and I already don't like sewing knitted pieces together). This page gives a quick and easy method of attaching the fabric of a zip to a knitted edge with minimum fuss. Don't worry about perfect stitches when the yarn will hide a colour matched thread very well. Concentrate on pinning the fabric evenly before you begin.

You will need:

  • two straight edges of knitting to join
  • a zip
  • cotton thread
  • sewing needle
  • pins


If you intend to block your knitting do so before any of the following steps because it could change the fabric's dimensions.

With the right side of the knitting facing you pin the closed zip in place. Leave enough space to either side that the zip can be undone without catching the fabric and make sure the knitted fabric is spread evenly along the length of the zip.

Diagram a zip attached to knitting.

Using cotton thread of the same colour as the knitting sew the edges of the knitting to the fabric of the zip. Use small stitches that will disappear into the bulk of the knit.

Diagram a zip attached to knitting.

Reverse the knitting. On this side tack the edges of the zip fabric to the knitting to keep them from flapping around.

Diagram a zip attached to knitting.

Fold over the fabric ends of the zip and tack into place.

Diagram a zip attached to knitting.

Sew in any loose threads you have.