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attaching zips to knitting cast on method that looks like casting off grafting with kitchener stitch

Magic Cast-On

the magic cast-on

The “Magic Cast-On” is sort of the opposite of Kitchener Stitch (Grafting). It's a method of casting-on for circular knitting that binds the sides of the tube together in a seamless line.

This method is taken from the notes by Judy Becker. For a more detailed explanation (and photos!) click the link.

You will need:

  • yarn
  • 3 x double pointed needles (or one circular needle)


Tie a slip knot in the yarn leaving a long tail to work with. Slip it onto the top needle of two held parallel.

Hold the tail of yarn towards the top needle and the ball of yarn by the bottom needle.

Stitches are worked by alternately winding the top and bottom yarns over the needles in the opposite position. The slip knot counts as a stitch so we're going to look at making even number stitches first.

Take the top tail of yarn down underneath the bottom needle and then up towards it's original position. The yarn should wrap around the bottom needle only to make one stitch.

To make an odd number stitch take the bottom bit of yarn up under the top needle then down towards it's original position. The yarn should wrap around the top needle only to make one stitch.

Keep going until you have as many stitches on the needles as you want.

Turn the needles 180 degrees so you're in position to start knitting. Twist the two bits of yarn together to hold the stitches in position then drop the tail of yarn and begin knitting stitches across the new top needle.

The magic cast-on is complete.