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Bind-Off Cast-On

the bind-off cast-on compared to the regular cast-off

The “Bind-Off Cast-On” is a method of casting-on that looks like the most common method of binding-off. It is useful if you want both ends of a knitted piece to look the same.

It is called the bind-off cast-on in the works of Montse Stanley. The method is also referred to as the “crochet cast on” because the method uses a crochet hook.

You will need:

  • yarn
  • single knitting needle
  • crochet hook


Tie a slip knot and place it on the crochet hook. Hold the crochet hook on top of and at right angles to the knitting needle.

(Or, if there are already live stitches on the needle, slip one stitch onto the crochet hook instead of tying a knot. Watch the stitch count when you do this — the slipped stitch will need replacing with an extra cast on!)

Diagram showing how to wrap the yarn.

Take the yarn behind the needle and wrap it down over the crochet hook.

Diagram showing set up for bind-off cast-on

Use the hook to pull the yarn through the slip knot. There is now one stitch on the needle and a new loop on the crochet hook.

Diagram showing first stich of the cast-on

The loop on the crochet hook is twisted. Remove the hook from the loop and insert it in the other direction.

Repeat the steps until there is one stitch fewer than the desired number on the needle. The final stitch is made by placing the loop from the crochet hook onto the needle.

Diagram showing cast-on being worked


If you still don't have the hang of it here are some other websites that will take you through the technique.

For a step-by-step guide with photos try:
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For a video tutorial try:
Oftroy's crochet cast on lesson. It uses a slightly different method which you may prefer.