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February 2016

Considering it was the weekend less than a 24 hours ago, I'm badly in need of a rest.

sleepy sheep

Let's all site quietly and imagine the magnificent things we'll knit when we get our energy back.


I Give In

So I haven't been uploading the pattern for the thing I knitted for my mum because I haven't given it to her yet. It's looking like I'm not going to see her until next month and I feel like the delay is building the pattern up to be vastly more exciting than it is. Therefore I'm going to upload the pattern now and just ask mother not to look at it.

(Not sure she reads this thing anyway. I doubt it as I'm not that interesting, especially for a non-knitter.)


Well That Didn't Work

Just had a lovely weekend away, staying with my parents, celebrating my mum's birthday. Unfortunately I misremembered how difficult it is to do secret birthday knitting while also being sociable with the person it's a secret from. The upshot is that mum gets her present late and the pattern I typed up is also going to be a bit delayed.

In the meantime I'm pushing ahead with revamping the design section. First up is rearranging the Tension section and setting up a library of stitch dimensions. Not many listed at present but I've covered the basic knit/purl combinations.

What's interesting about a table of stitch dimensions? You ask. Not much in isolation but the second update is going to be about how I use the table to decide which stitches to combine in textural projects like my sand blanket. Mostly the table is something that I will find useful. I've made attempts at similar before and keep losing them.


Gift Knitting

On the one hand I want to leave the typo in this months header as proof that I really was tired when I wrote it. On the other I'm not sure I can bear to leave it there permanently now that I've noticed it. It's making my brain itch.

This past week I've been knitting a gift for my Mum, it's her birthday this weekend (HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!). If she reads this she can probably figure out what that gift is, but will still have no idea what it's going to look like. I think that makes it fair game to talk about. Hopefully I'll remember to take a photo before gift giving, that way I'll be able to have the pattern up by Monday.

That's something else I'm working on actually. Giving myself short deadlines in writing and then sticking to them. It makes me more productive, but also more stressed. Not sure if the trade off is worth it yet.

You'll notice the whole “get ahead of myself” nonsense still isn't working. Next month for sure (-ish).