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Washcloth (F2)

Washcloth with Concentric Stars

This washcloth has a simple moss border surrounding a charted pattern done in knits and purls. A selection of charts are available along with a blank grid to design your own.

You will need:

  • 100% cotton 4ply yarn
  • 3mm knitting needles
  • tapestry needle
  • scissors


Cast on 64 sts using the bind-off cast-on method for a neater edge.

  1. Row 1: k2, [p1, k1] x 31
  2. Row 2: p2, [k1, p1] x 31

Repeat rows 1 and 2 five times each, then repeat row 1 a final time (11 rows total).

Choose one of the charts to work from the next row. Starting from the bottom the charts are worked right to left on even rows (purl dark squares, knit light ones) and left to right on odd rows (knit dark squares, purl light ones).

  1. Row 12: p2, [k1, p1] x 2, k1, work grid chart right to left, [p1, k1] x 3, p1
  2. Row 13: k2, [p1, k1] x 2, p1, work grid chart left to right, [k1, p1] x 3, k1

Repeat rows 12 and 13 until the whole grid has been worked (70 rows).

  1. Row 82: p2, [k1, p1] x 31
  2. Row 83: k2, [p1, k1] x 31

Repeat repeat these two rows five times each, then repeat row 82 a final time (11 more rows).

Cast off keeping moss stitches correct.


These charts are designed with a roughly equal number of knit and purl stitches. It makes the washcloths appear reversible. You can design a pattern of your own using this blank grid, or look in the knitting charts section for some more ideas.

Concentric Stars Design
Concentric Circles Design
Concentric Squares Design

Making Up:

Sew in the two ends of yarn as neatly as possible.

Generally I don't bother blocking my knitting, and these washcloths don't specifically need it (they're going to get wet and stretched as part of normal use). However I did block the washcloth in the image above because otherwise the knit/purl pattern does not lie flat and I wanted to take a better photo.


Needle/Yarn Size

Unlike most ODDknit patterns the type of yarn is important. Stick to pure cotton or linen.