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April 2016

Later this month I'm going on a genuine, not in this country, holiday.

holiday packing

It's going to be a long day's train journey to get where we're going, and I'm therefore faced with the eternal question of travelling knitters... will they let me take knitting needles in my hand luggage?


Back on the Marsh

I'm back home on Romney Marsh today, wasting time before a dentist appointment (thank you buses that only get here an hour early or five minutes late). I decided to do a bit of sheep spotting, because if there's one thing there's a lot of here, it's sheep.

There's the Proverbial Sheep triptych on the side of the newsagent (artist James Marsh).

proverbial sheep painting

Which has, if you look closely, a demon sheep in the corner of the right-hand panel.

proverbial sheep painting close up

Not sure what that's about, but I like it.

There's the stack of golden sheep in the Sainsbury's car park (sculptor Robert Koenig).

stack of golden sheep

According to the writing it's commemorating over 1000 years of sheep farming on the Marsh. That could be why there's a sheep on our flag (designed by Dee Taylor).

romney marsh flag

Also pictured on the flag are St Nicholas Church, the Dungeness Lighthouses, a fishing boat, a Martello Tower, a grey heron, and a kingfisher. I've never in my life seen a kingfisher but apparently there are some living within easy walking distance of the house I grew up in. Sneaky bastards.

Of course there are also the sheep in the fields with their lambikins.

sheep in the field

Which leads me to the question of why I've been working so hard on cat and bunny ears when I could have been doing little sheep ears and little ram horns. Look at the babies, aren't they adorable.

(And I must remember to knit something suitable with the special Romney wool I bought.)

Not pictured are the hundreds of sheep I saw on the bus journey, nor the fabulous sheep jumper a fellow traveller was wearing – I was too shy to ask for a selfie!