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Jogless Knitting

jogless colour change in stocking stitch

Jogless knitting techniques minimise the bump (or 'jog') in a stripe that happens at the point of colour change when knitting in the round.

You will need:

  • yarn leftovers
  • 4 x double pointed knitting needles


When you knit in the round you are forming a spiral with a row of knitting. At the point of colour change there are differently coloured stitches next to each other on the row. This is what forms the 'jog', an interruption in the flat edge of the colour change.

Diagram showing the colour change jog.

We are going to reduce the jog between colour one and colour two. We will do it by pulling upwards on the first stitch of the final round of colour one.

  • Using colour one work to the point of the colour change.
  • Knit one row in colour two.
  • Pick up the colour one stitch which sits directly below the stitch you are about to knit. Place it on the left hand needle.
Diagram showing which stitch to pick up.
  • Knit the stitch you have just picked up together with the first stitch of the next round.
  • Continue as normal.