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Pom Pom

single pom pom

The pom pom: topper of hats, body of fluffy easter chicks.

You will need:

  • yarn leftovers
  • card
  • pencil
  • compass
  • sharp little scissors


Make a template by using the compass to draw two concentric circles on a piece of card.

The radius of the outer circle will match the radius of the finished pom pom. The radius of the inner circle controls how dense the pom pom will be ( larger inner circle = denser pom pom ).

Diagram of a pom pom template

Cut out two identical templates and hold them together, back to back.

Cut a length of yarn and begin to wrap it around the templates.

Diagram showing the first step in making a pom pom

Keep wrapping the yarn around the template until it becomes difficult to pass it though the central hole.

Diagram showing template completely wrapped in yarn.

Filling up this central hole up will help hold everything in place for the next step, it also ensures that your finished pom pom is the same size as your template. If you want a less dense pom pom, cut a smaller central hole, don't just wrap the template in less yarn.

Use the sharp little scissors to cut every strand around the outside edge of the template. The strands should fluff up and start to look like a pom pom.

Diagram showing template completely wrapped in yarn.

Wrap a length of yarn around the middle of a pom pom by inserting it between the edges of the two templates. Pull it tight and tie a knot, then tie another knot.

Remove the templates by ripping the card and pulling them away.

Roll the pom pom between your hands to even it out then cut any longer strands to neaten it up. Repeat this a couple of times until you are satisfied.


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