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Finger Knitting

finger knitted cord

Another type of cord can be made by knitting without needles.

When ODDknit talks about finger knitting in a pattern we mean the single stitch method described below. The result is very similar to single chain crochet.

It is also possible to finger knit using more than one stitch at a time (see links at the bottom of the page).

You will need:

  • yarn leftovers


Tie a slip knot near the end of the yarn and slip it onto your index finger.

Diagram showing set up for finger knitting

Hold the loose end of yarn with your other three fingers.

Diagram showing set up for finger knitting

Wrap the yarn over your finger to form a second loop in front of the first.

Diagram showing how to make a stitch

Pull the first loop over the second and off your finger. Tug the ends of the yarn to tighten the stitch.

Repeat these steps to form the cord.


Most websites concentrate on finger knitting using more than one stitch at a time.

For a step-by-step guide with lots of photos try:
WikiHow's tutorial.

For a video tutorial try:
Wonderhowto.com's finger knitting lesson.