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Tension Library

Over the years I've worked out a lot of stitch heights (SH) and stitch widths (SW). I calculate them from tension patches knitted with the same needles and yarn I'm planning to use for a project. Because I'm a creature of habit, this often means I'm using dk yarn and 3.25mm needles. Below is a library I'm compiling of the results I get for these specific needles and this specific yarn.


This table contains only very easy stitches that are formed from knits and purls in different patterns. Because many of the simple stitches are known by multiple different names I've included grid diagrams of the knit/purl layout. A white grid cell means right side knit/ wrong side purl (i.e. the bump of the stitch is on the front of the fabric). A blue grid cell means right side purl/ wrong side knit (i.e. the bump of the stitch is on the back of the fabric). All of these stitches can also be knitted in reverse, with knits/purls the other way around.

Stitch Name(s)Stitch DiagramSHSW
Gartergarter stitch grid2.14.3
Stocking/ Stockinette/ Reverse Stockingstocking stitch grid3.04.2
Rib/ Ribbingrib stitch grid3.13.1*
Moss/ Seedmoss stitch grid2.44.5
Irish Moss/ Double Mossirish moss stitch grid2.84.2
Broken Rib/ Ricebroken rib stitch grid2.64.2
Ridged Rib/ Broken Ribridged rib stitch grid2.64.1
Double Ribdouble rib stitch grid3.02.6*
Box/ Double Mossbox stitch grid2.44.4
Seeded Ribseeded rib stitch grid2.63.8
Garter Ribgarter rib stitch grid2.24.5
Basket Weavebasket weave stitch grid2.24.3
Interrupted Ribinterrupted rib stitch grid2.73.9
Mistake Rib/ Uneven Ribmistake rib stitch grid2.73.9

*Stitches are measured in their relaxed state. Most can be tugged out of shape but those dimensions marked with an asterisk will double under tension.